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About Idiomatically

Idiomatically is a site all about ... idioms.
Idioms are those expressions that just don't make sense if you take them literally; but they are what make language interesting and colorful. They are much more than the sum of their parts - they are the linguistic equivalent of a picture is worth a thousand words. They exist in every language and native speakers barely even notice them. However, if you try talking to someone who grew up speaking a different language you will occasionally notice blank stares when you use one.
This realization is the genesis of this site. The goal of Idiomatically is to provide a repository of idioms across different languages and countries (Idioms in a language are not ubiquitous in all countries speaking that language). It also provides relationships between different languages.
For example, to express Kill two birds with one stone in Bulgarian, Idiomatically will direct you to С един куршум - два заека (Kill two rabbits with one bullet). It is interesting to watch how different languages can express the same concept in seemingly similar but often interestingly different ways.
Every idiom page allows you to explore all the equivalent idioms in different languages/countries as a list and as an interactive map.interactive map of idioms


Content on the site is gathered directly from native speakers or sourced from sites across the internet like Wiktionary under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Content sourced from another site will provide a link to the original page.


We welcome contributions of new idioms or relations between idioms. Just sign in and you can submit changes. Submissions go through a quick review process before they are made public.


If you have questions or want to report a bug, please reach out by filing an issue on the GitHub repo.